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MOANS Arashi
13th-May-2008 12:00 pm - First post - HELP WANTED!!!
matsumoto jun
The whole game started, as I bumped into romantic simulation games. The player always had the chanse to get together with 5 to 8 guys. Depending on how the player answers questions can you win the favour of one or another boy. From this came the idea, that we just need a game like this with the members of the group Arashi! :3
(In connection with that, one friend asked me, if we can made it with another Johhny's group also, and the answer is YES, but I really need to just do this first.)

My brother will be writing the program, but to that every part of it needs to be collected: scripts, many-many for-and background pictures, etc. Since I don't have confidence with english, I need translators/editors too, since the original idea is, that we make it in english, so that all Arashi-fans can play it (if we have enough people together even more languages are possible later).

So write here if you want to join, and I'll be happy for any kind of help!!! Let's be crazy Arashi-fans together. ^.^
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